Talc is used in various agricultural chemicals, including pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides, both as active ingredients and as dry carriers or fillers.

The mineral used in such products should have the following characteristics: 
•    absorbing capacity; 
•    solubility in water to allow for spraying Inactivity; 
•    inertness;
•    compatibility with active ingredients; 
•    high degree of grinding and low abrasivity to reduce damage to equipment.

Talc meets the above requirements in full, along with kaolin, diatomite, pearlite, gypsum and other minerals.

Talc powder is included in pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fertilisers.

Pesticides are the main area of talc application in agriculture, where volume of world talc consumption amounts to approx. 300 thousand tons per year.

Talc may also be used as an anti-caking component of fertilisers, which prevents the formation of crumbs and allows delivering fertilisers to the most remote parts of the world, without sacrificing their quality. Owing to talc, the pellet mixture becomes more friable and is less prone to spontaneous caking.

In fertiliser pellets themselves, talc is used as a neutral filler: it is added to the active agent in manufacturing fertilisers. Fine talc powder helps fertiliser pellets preserve their form and volume and prevents their quick dispersion by wind and rain, while the fertiliser contributes to the plant growth over a longer period. For this purpose, it is important to mention that, in addition to the plant growth, the cost advantage is also evident, as using talc allows avoiding multiple and inefficient fertilisation.

Another talc use is mixing it with liquid fertilisers. Owing to its absorption capacity, inertness, solubility in a liquid for its subsequent spraying, as well as compatibility with active components, talc enables uniform wrapping of surfaces being sprayed, without forming crumbs, and, therefore, ensures efficient carrying of liquid fertilisers.

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