Our laboratory

Finegri manufactures its products based on its own or customer’s formulation, in line with advanced quality requirements.

When processing feedstock supplied from different sources, given the commitment to deliver finished products meeting the highest quality standards in terms of material whiteness, high chemical purity degree, and predefined particle sizing of the product, multiple quality checks throughout the production chain are required.

For this purpose, a professional laboratory packed with cutting-edge equipment, which brings together the lead specialists in the field as its employees, has been created. All of these, supported by the proprietary methodology that involves feedstock input check, intermediate measurements during the process, and specifically – comparison of the output against the parameters set by the customer, ensure continuous quality control and enable confirming the highest product specifications as stated, e.g.:

•    Ceramics manufacture. The particle size and distribution in each size class have a significant impact on the ceramic powders’ agglomeration capability and final properties of the end product.
•    Plastics manufacture. Same as in the ceramics case, the particle distribution analysis by size in the feed powder allows delivering the end product having the necessary properties.
•    Agriculture. The talc size and specific quantity in the end product, e.g., in fertilisers, have an impact on their capability to get dissolved over a long time and not to be washed away from soil before time. 
•    Coatings industry. The pigment particle size has a direct impact on the structure, colour saturation, gloss and brightness of paints delivered.