Talc, due to its physical and chemical properties, is commonly used in agriculture in various ways.

For instance, talc finds its application in products, such as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fertilisers, and animal feedstuff. Talc is non-soluble in water, has no smell, is not toxic, and has good absorption properties.

Talc in feedstuff

Talc is used as an inert coating that prevents feedstuff sticking to hopper surfaces, and as anti-adhesion agent in the animal feedstuff itself. Owing to its hydrophobic nature, talc prevents water absorption from animal feedstuff, thus protecting it from losing the necessary nutrients and improving its digestion.

Talc is used as an anti-adhesive agent in troughs for feeding of animals as well as in the feedstuff itself. Talc is non-toxic and, thus, poses no risks to cattle health.
Hydrophobic talc qualities protect feedstuff from drying out and help in the process of feedstuff manufacture and packaging. The content of 85%-pure talc in feedstuff reaches 1-2%, while in vitamins for animals it reaches 0.3-0.5%.

Talc in seeds

Talc powder combined with graphite (80/20) ensures lubrication of seeding equipment, thus preventing its wear and tear and improving the planter’s performance. During planting, such lubrication also enhances the seed flow. Adding talc is aimed at preventing friction and mechanical damage to seeds by metal surfaces of seeding equipment.

In addition, to prevent uneven settling of seeds, talc powder is mixed with seeds thus contributing to a more uniform coverage of the planted surface. This has an inarguable positive effect on further crop treatment and harvesting.

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